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36, Риби, Colombia, bogota
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Особиста інформація Nataliathomsonn
Стать Жінка
Зацікавлений у Жiнки, Чоловіки, Пари, Транси
Вік 36
Зріст 5' - 5'3" [150 см - 160 см]
Вага 120 - 140 фунтів [55 - 60 кг]
Колір волосся Брюнетка
Колір очей Зелені
Раса Європейська
Мови Іспанська, Англійська
Рідне місто bogota
Лобкове волосся Поголене
Розмір грудей Великий
Зад Середній
Що мене збуджує
I like playing with my nipples and I like to see you play with your cock and give me all your milk 🔥🔥🔥
Про мене
♥I am an extremely passionate and sensual person, full of mystery, desire and lots of fun.♦
I love exploring my sexuality and chatting with nice people here.
I am a very open and permissive person, who loves being in front of the webcam and going crazy with my body and my best show.

I don't like negativity, I'm trying my best to smile and make your day a little better while you're in my room, so please play and look on the bright side.
I believe that I'm different and that I will find a way to make it worth your while spending time with me, if you only let me.

Your support and love makes my dreams come true, and for this I THANK YOUM♥♥♥
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rude people
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happy with my gifts
happy with my gifts
My dream is that I give me 1111 tokens to be the happiest girl
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Baby is a super woman, super nice, very open, super naughty.
Come and encourage her, she will give her all for you.
One, see (for me) the best on this site.
A golden woman.
Come take pleasure and give it to him.
Thank you for her, because she deserves it.